Tonic Sol-fa Score Sheets 07/07/2020 4:55am (UTC)

On this page you will find your favourite choir gospel songs scored in Tonic Sol-fa all at affordable prices. The works of artistes such as Kurt Carr, Israel Houghton, Donald Lawrence and lots more will be featured!
This week we are featuring...

1.      The angels bow down at the thought of You,  
          d    m   f      s       s    f   m       r      d   m   
                     The darkness gives way to the light forYou
                       d     m     f       s      s   f   m  rmr  d   d
                  The price that you paid gives us life brand new
                     s     m      f    s     d     s     m  r      s       m
Hos             hosanna forever we worship You,
                     d    s d d   s   m   rmr d     d     
                    Hosanna forever we worship You
                d  d   s   d d s    m  rmr d     d
For you are the joy that my soul longs for,
              d      m   f    s     s    f      m    r     d      m-unis. choir
                   The Lamb that was slain for my sins and the One I adore
              d     m       f     s      s     f   m   d     m    l     r   m l   t 
              d     m       f     s      s     f   m    l     m    l     ta m l  t
              d     m       f     s      s     f   
             King of kings, Ruler of everything
               l                            l       d    d        s  l    r   r m  rd
             m    l      l                m      l     l         s l     r  d  t   tl
             -   -                           -     - -    -                     f  s   fm
                                 Refrain 2
                                    Hosanna forever we worship You, Hosanna forever we worship You
                                      d   d   s   d d s    m rmr d      d       s s   d   s sf m   s   rmr d     d

1.                                              For your patience and kindness, and favour and mercy, and honour and glory, because you are worthy

d                                                 d     d     d    d      d     d     d     d    r   r      r    r   r     r     m  m    m   m m   m  f       f      f      s    s

                                                                                                                                                                          d  r       r     r      m  m

                                                                                                                                                                          d  r       r     r       di  di

                                                                                                                                                                           s  t       t      t        ta  ta


                                                  We    can’t live without You, we can’t breathe without You we can’t sing without You –(Mod)hosanna, hosanna

                                                     s       l      l       l   s      s     s     l          l         l    d      d     d    d       s      d   d    s                d di di    di ri   f

                                                     s       l      l       l   s      s    m    f          f         f     s      s    d    d        s     d   d     s

                                                                                                                                              d    d        s      d  d     s


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